February 23, 2017

Terrace brings 'Southern favorites with a twist' to the West End

Greenville Journal

Ariel Turner


Stewart Penick’s Terrace restaurant, recognized in the Charlotte area for its red velvet waffles, shrimp ‘n’ grits and ceiling-height metal wire tree sculptures, will open its first Greenville location at 654 S. Main St., next to Rick Erwin’s West End Grille, by the end of March, as long as progress continues at the expected pace.  It was supposed to open earlier in the year, but in trying to comply with permits regarding the building’s historic status, renovations didn’t quite go as planned. (Which is somewhat of an understatement — there are brick walls, support posts, beams, and a chimney that can’t be removed and are now being incorporated into the overall design.)

Known in Charlotte as a breakfast and lunch spot, Terrace’s Greenville restaurant is designed to be a dinner destination as well.

“We don’t want to call it Terrace Café,” he says. “Just Terrace.”

Penick says the 35-foot custom granite bar is proof he means business about the later crowd. In the mornings, it’ll double as a coffee bar.  The 35-foot bar will be topped with custom granite.

The regular dining room will seat 200, and the restaurant has a private dining room at the back that can be reserved for business luncheons or family gathering. The Greenville kitchen will be the largest of the four locations (the others are Ballantyne, South Park, and Fort Mill opening in the fall).

Check out terracerestaurants.com to view the menu featuring such items as lemon poppyseed French toast, a crab cake BLT, and bourbon braised short ribs.