February 06, 2014

Collett Brokers Collaborate to Bring Pizza Peel to Plaza Midwood

Charlotte, NC -
The Pizza Peel is a neighborhood favorite in Cotswold, and now the eclectic pizza spot has opened a new location in Plaza Midwood.
Restaurant expert Sarah Crosland visited the new spot, which is housed in an old tire store at 1600 Central Avenue.

The pizza parlor and tavern has an open feel to it, and you can peer into the kitchen to watch your pizzas being made. What sets the place apart is the dough that is used to make the pizzas. The dough is made with a special blend of flours along with olive oil, yeast, and molasses instead of sugar.

"It takes longer for the yeast to break down molasses than regular sugar," said owner Will Bigham. "So, we age the dough for 48 hours, and that gives it a special flavor."

Pizza isn't the only thing on the menu. Crosland says the fish tacos, made with grilled tilapia, are some of the best fish tacos in town. And, the bar features dozens of local brews on tap.

For more information on the Pizza Peel, check out http://www.tapandpeel.com.
By: Geoff Roth, Fox Carolinas

Charles Thrift represented the tenant, Pizza Peel, and John Lambert represented the seller.