July 21, 2015

Chicken Salad Chick Opens in Greensboro, NC

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A brand new restaurant opens in Greensboro today; so of course, we had to bring Chicken Salad Chick on the Good Morning Show!

"If you haven't heard of us before, we are the nation's only southern inspired, fast-casual chicken salad restaurant concept and we serve sixteen varieties of chicken salad, plus pimento cheese, fresh side salads, gourmet soups and delicious desserts," said Ali Rauch.

Chicken Salad Chick Opens In Greensboro WFMY

Chicken Salad Chick has 15 original flavors of chicken salad. They include: Classic Carol, Dixie Chick, Jalapeno Holly, Barbie-Q, Kickin' Kay Lynne, Buffalo Barclay, Olivia's Old South, Luau Lydia, Mimi's Mix, Fruity Fran, Nutty Nana, Jazzy Julie, Sassy Scotty, Fancy Nancy, Cranberry Kelli and Pimento Cheese.

You can try any of the flavors now that the restaurant's open on Westover Terrace in Greensboro. Or you can try your hand at one of their recipes at home.

"You'll love the Nutty Nana Crisp-tini Appetizer," said Rauch. "This delicious appetizer pairs Chicken Salad Chick's popular Nutty Nana chicken salad with a delicious slice of granny smith apple for a perfect blend of crunchy and tart flavors. It's super easy and quick for any party or event."


Chicken Salad Chick

1st Location in Greensboro OPENS TODAY (July 21st)

1310 Westover Terrace, Suite 107 - Greensboro NC

Open Monday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm

(P): 336-633-8588

(F): 336-663-8563