January 11, 2018

Bobbi Jo Conigliaro, CPM CREW Charlotte Member Spotlight

Collett Senior Property Manager, Bobbi Jo Conigliaro, CPM is the January 2018 Member Spotlight for CREW Charlotte. Bobbi Jo started her property management career in 2003 and joined Collett in 2013. In 2016, Bobbi Jo received her CPM from IREM and later that year enrolled in the Masters of Real Estate Program at UNC Charlotte and looks forward to earning her Masters in Real Estate Development and Finance at the end of 2018. During her time in this program Bobbi Jo was selected to be the Communications Ambassador and a member of the Student Managed Real Estate Investment Fund.

Collett is proud to be a 2018 Partner Level Sponsor for CREW. CREW stands for Commercial Real Estate Women, they are a diverse group of professional women and men working in commercial real estate and related service industries since 1990.


CREW Charlotte Member Spotlight Interview:

Current job:  Real Estate Manager with Collett Management.

Summary of your role in the company: I serve 14 clients, managing a 1.1 million square foot portfolio of office, retail and ownership association projects throughout the Southeast.

How I chose my occupation: I moved to Charlotte immediately after graduating college and kept an open mind when looking for my first professional job. I accepted a Tenant Coordinator position with Equity Office, the owner of the old Wachovia Building (now 400 South Tryon Street). I thought it would be a short term position while I continued to look for an opportunity in the advertising field (my undergrad concentration). The property was quickly sold and the new management company,  Spectrum Properties, provided me with an amazing opportunity to explore the property management industry while also providing marketing services the brokerage and leadership teams. It wasn’t too long before I embraced the diversity and opportunities available in the CRE path.

Years in the business: Almost 15

My specialization is: Receiverships and fixer-uppers! Although shiny, new properties are fun and certainly an honor to manage, I’m a problem solver by nature.  I enjoy the research and analytical steps we go through when taking over a new project, often having to unravel years of legal and financial mismanagement.

A good lead for me is: A new or existing commercial property owner (institutional, corporate or individual) that suspects their investment could be maintained at a higher standard, more efficiently, or would benefit from the expertise of our full-service team of professionals.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Using inexpensive technological tools to slash utility expenses, monitor and manage usage and easily calculate recoveries.  Everyone wins when we can lower CAM rates and reinvest the savings into impactful, value-enhancing projects. There’s also the bonus of knowing we are doing our part to minimize wasted water and electricity.

Best leadership advice I have been given: Clarity trumps persuasion. Don’t ask for the buy in of your team unless you thoroughly understand and can articulate the situation, options, risks and benefits of your recommendation.

Also, know your audience. Just because you can explain it all, doesn’t mean you should in every circumstance.

Greatest professional achievement: Enrolling in the Masters in Real Estate Program at UNC Charlotte despite being 35 at the time, several months pregnant and the new homeowner of our own fixer upper. I still have a year until the finish line, but I’ve never felt more capable, confident or empowered than I do today.

Number of years with CREW: This is my first. I should have joined years ago!

Most significant CREW connection: Although the mentorship program doesn’t start until next month, I’m pretty excited to have QT with Heather Thompson of Trinity Partners. She’s a bit of a legend in the local circles.

Place of birth/hometown: Western New York.

Number of years in Charlotte: Almost 15

Family: My husband Joe (a serious contender for Most Supportive Husband of the Year Award) and our 14 month old daughter, Annecy.

My ideal vacation spot: Wandering quaint European streets.

Hobbies/Interests:  Working alongside my husband in these fun home improvement projects. Pretending /trying to be crafty. Embracing QT with our family that finally moved to N.C. Helping and watching Annecy discover the world. 

Other professional organizations I belong to: IREM and the Student Managed Real Estate Investment Fund at the Childress Klein Center for Real Estate. ULI is on the agenda for 2018.

I wish I could: Keep a plant alive. How is a child easier than a plant?